An evening at banglore..

So.. So what?!!

So how was the day today? Fine, reached Banglore in the morning.. back is aching from the bus journey.. (they should use ergonomic seats you see.. atleast it should be right for getting into a sleeping position..) hmm anyway.. went with pradeep to the flat where prem and pradeeps friends are staying.. and then for breakfast and then back.. loitering here and there.. Pradeep was feeling feverish.. so we let him rest.. Myself and Prem went out to cybercafe.. and messenger gave me problems. then got back.. had lunch.

what an uneventful day!! So what, it was my day.. we had fun at the restaurant, then in the evening we went to the city.. hanged out together, watched the movie “Pay it Forward”, and then came back by around 12.30.

uninteresting.. eh? Who said..I enjoyed it maan.. then after we got back.. had a good discussion with Pradeep’s friend.. pradeep and prem reamined audience, sometimes becoming participants..

What discussion? Arre.. pooch mat.. about existance of god.. is there any other interesting topic.. Pradeep’s friend beleived in Extra Terrestrial life and full back up of science.. and me full back up of science and my own way of beleif in god.. The discussion (dont ask what all topics we covered…) had its advantage..

What advantage.. Hee.. it served my purpose.. I was awoke to catch the taxi to the airport.. had to leave to calcutta no…

hmm.. u matlabi person.. so what.. had a nice discussion…kept Prem, pradeep and his friend awake till 4 in the morning.. and I left..

and what is this new style..? What new style??

writing like this in the journal?! So what.. apunka fan-log will appreciate.. this is apunka istyle… 😉

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