A journey!

Kallada bus plying to Banglore from Kochi(cochin), Pradeep and Praveen are seated, chatting about something serious… They were already annoyed by the loud discussion(read boasting) going on, on the backseat of the bus. For some time, it went quiet, when suddenly..

Saaaarrrrrr!!!(a visibly drunk person, with seemingly one objective of providing entertainment!!)

Pradeep: (visibly annoyed) What!!
person : Saar.. Cinema paarkkandaama sir..
oops! yes the conversation took place in tamil, but I will translate in English for convenience
person : Saar.. Dont you want to see the movie..?(the reference is to the in-bus movie to be shown)
Pradeep: No.. We dont want.. catch some other to shout at the bus people.
person : saar.. we have paid the money no.. so we have to ask them to put the movie now.. I want to see the movie now!!
Pradeep: then do one thing.. dont disturb us, go to the bus person and tell.. we dont want the movie now.. and dont distrub please!!

Pradeep and Praveen continue the chat, and then suddenly again..


The entertainment that followed was good.. Pradeep though visibly annoyed was enjoying it too!!

Sometime later the movie began, 15 minutes into the movie..a snore was heard loud.. We found the source of the snore.. none other than the saaaarrrrr!! guy!!

Thanks saaaarrrr, for the in-bus entertainment!!

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