Swimming as an exercise

Went for a swim today.. has got to get back to shape.. Breast stroke seems for me to be the easiest one for me and the backstroke the most difficult(since I cant do with arm strokes, only can paddle, during backstroke).

While I was learning swimming, the difficult one to do was the breast stroke, as I couldnt get the combination right at all.. I didnt want to do the breast stroke, the way most do.. keeping head above water. I wanted it synchronised, the way professionals do it.. Hence I concentrated on it.. I borrowed books from library regarding swimming and put my efforts in correcting my breast stroke, and now, I am not a fast swimmer, but have become an efficient swimmer. I can do breast stroke with less effort and I dont aim to be the fastest.

Later I realised that, breast stroke wasnt doing any good to me, except that I am spending time in water going up and down and moving back and forth.. I started looking for more physical activity to burn my calories.. and jumped to freestyle. It is tough now, but I am still learning to find the perfect technique for the freestyle.

It did take my breath out trying to do the free style the way I wanted. But I’m not going to give up, after picking it up successfully, has to work on my backstroke, which seems really primitive. Somehow, I have picked up floating on water, without moving hands or legs, only by breating on my back and can stay afloat for more than a couple of minutes. But, sure it dosent burn enough calories, which I need.

Now the swimming routine is back again, doing now on alterante days.. now has to go on Friday or Saturday again and put more effort.

ps: Zubin & co are coming in tomorrow.. got to receive them..

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