Got a bit upset today.. Well, nothing to do with me, but you do get upset, when you feel for others. Zakir told, he got a dressing down, even after doing a really wonderful job. We all know, that Zakir is putting in his best efforts and always does things before deadlline. Still, a dressing down..?!! Poorly managed, I would say. Even if he was to be said something, it could’ve been in a friendly way, just hinting, initially, then if still dosent have effect, becoming more specific, but still informal.

Zakir was upset, and I felt bad. Tried my best to bring his smile back, and got that smile also, but I could feel the sadness behind the mask.

In the afternoon, went for a walk with Ron and Rajesh.. had a nice walk, though it was a bit drizzling.. A walk always makes us fresh and then we can carry on furhter, without any tiredness. My walks have become less frequent, after I have bought the car.

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