Futile life

Its stuck between nose and mouth. No not on the outside, from inside.

Its that time again, when one feels the futility of whole life. Life becomes totally suffocating and pointless. You begin to wonder how you are going to have a normal life again. The whole being seems to have let you down, and you just pathetically bide your time. You try to sleep, but you feel as if both the nose are blocked and you cant breath even a bit. You wonder how you are still alive.

Somehow you drift into sleep, and you wake up to find the same problems all over again. The agony seems eternal, you think about buddha, who said “life is full of dukkha” and wonder how truthful these words are. You feel like a prisoner from the childhood stories, fully chained tight, tight even to breathe. You shuffle in your bed trying to think some positive thoughts, how things could be better tomorrow, but the reality forces a sneeze out of you. Looking at your hand you realize the sticky stuff that has been holding you hostage.

Yes, the common cold, and that bit of pleghm thats stuck between the nose and the mouth. No, not on the outside, from inside, irritating you.

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