In search of historical king raama.

“Ram was and is for real. He was born on January 10, 5114 BC,” Saroj Bala, IRS, Commisioner of Income Tax says, calmly, with the assurance of one who has tangible facts.

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  1. The theory and the reasoning for these conclusions can be questioned on many fronts. But still I would prefer to know Rama as one who walked among us as one of us than a God. 🙂

    And Mrs. Bala surely seems to have noble intentions and I quite rightly agree with her on the point that Hinduism is the heritage of everyone who lives on this land regardless of their later religious practices.

    One interesting point, though, is about the Hanuman. I didn’t understand the significance of that in the argument, first of all. Now that can be attributed to the poor jounalistic quality we are now blessed with in India, I believe. 😉 But again, if that argument of Hanuman covering the distance in 4 hours is taken, does not it make Hanuman divine and with unearthly powers while trying to prove using the astronomical calculations that Ram was a human who lived at that time? A conflict of ideas, Perhaps?

  2. hmm…

    Any theory and any reasoning can be questioned from many fronts but a theory exists, that is the point. hmm, given the facts and as per the data provided in the news, the more intriguing fact in the episode of hanuman, is how the sage, while depicting hanuman as flying across the occean in 4 hrs, could take care to match with the astronomical data thereof. Given, the time of human civilization, it all were written, I think there is a tremendeous need for a serious research in the nature and depth of knowledge, the ancient Indians did possess. Divinity and all that come later, if at all they should, and even then it is heart warming to see that, Hanuman, a demigod, Son of the Wind, and for that matter, even Varuna, the God of the seas, would prostrate, before Rama, whom Valmiki describes as hundred percent a Man.

    The moral of the story, is that a man who walks strictly throught the path of Dharma is worshipped and revered even by the gods.

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