Spam Karma

I dindnt believe when one of my friends told me that he was unable to post comment on this site. I thought that it might be one off case, as Spam Karma is working fine protecting against any dubious comments. But, I also got comments saying, that their comment was getting eaten up, I started doubting Spam Karma. It was today, when one of my friends was online and trying to post comments that I realised, the Spam Karma might be overdoing things just a bit or maybe I have not setup the things the way I should have.

While I do still think, spam karma is a really good tool, in the league of mt-blacklist, I think I will disable it for some time, just to see what all I missed. For the moment, I have used the renaming option mentioned here to fight spam.

Luckily, I was able to salvage a comment by sandeep, which was marked as spam by Spam Karma (?). But now back to blogging and let me see, how much I get spammed. Keep your comments coming now, the Spam Karma had some bad karma.

2 thoughts on “Spam Karma”

  1. Thank God Praveen. I had posted a very lengthy comment on the part-2 post of your “God” series. Thanks to Spam (Bad) Karma, my comment was “sent to hell,” to use their words. Lemme see if this gets posted…

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