What the ancients did for us

Yesterday I missed the program “what the ancients did for us” in BBC2. I have watched some previous episoded and missed some too. But the special thing about yesterdays programme was that, it focused on India. I came to know that today only, and I was told what all I missed, to add to my anguish.

Couple of weeks back they had covered the contributions of the chinese culture. From gun powder to the first siesmograph, i have to admit made with great ingenuity in those times. And the kites, fireworks, paper, resin and football too. It was great and I remember that I wondered if they will make the same on India too.

They had, and I missed it. But after some search I found that the BBC made the documentary isn association with open2.net, the open university of UK. Their site contained the details of what I had missed in the program. The one hour program yesterday highlighted Indian contribution to the world. This included yoga, chess, cotton, metallurgy, complementary medicine, city planning, pioneering plastic surgery and cataract operatiosn and not to forget the contributions in mathematics and astronomy including the shoonya. Just the fact that I didnt watch the program didnt prevent me from bragging about it at the work 🙂

Read the synopsis of the documentary here.

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  1. Hey…this one is cool.! Knew all these things, but seeing it in print, makes me proud. However, it also makes me sad and get thinking on how we got ‘here’ from ‘there’!!

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