getting even with spam

I have received a lot of emails from someone in some war-torn region of africa. They needed my help to take out the riches from the bank. As usual, my delete button was put into quick action, but some people decided not to use the delete button and reply to them. Read about it here.

I have been troubled recently after the death of a dear friend of mine, Minnie Mowse. She was a very, very dear friend indeed, and her death affected me greatly and started to make me question my faith. I have decided to leave the church and join a travelling circus.

I have already made two very good friends, and tomorrow I will be starting my circus training with them…

:-)) Minnie mowse indeed.

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  1. Thanks for dropping by my blog Praveen.

    I was visiting yours & your saha-dharmini’s blogs quite frequently about a year ago.. I lost my bookmarks once and I forgot about that.. Glad to b back here now..

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