From Yoga Vasishtha

“Holy Sire, then why each and every desire of all human beings is not fulfilled instantly?” Rama asked.

Vasishtha replied “Because Rama, you can choose one at a time. When I ask you to stand up you stand. When I ask you to stand on your one leg, you stand on right leg. Now I say, stand on left leg, you can’t. You will fall down. But before you stood on right leg you had choice to not stand on right but on left. Same way, whatever you have chosen accordingly, the pattern of mind is made up. Next choice will definitely come but former choice had to be wiped out first.”

He continued “Whatever you chose, joy or suffering, love or hate, their impressions, tracks and roadways have been made. This will require your next desire to go all the way to the edge of the universe and come back, then you will be ready. Like when you touch a pond a wave circle goes on expanding up to the next bank of the pond. Likewise Rama, it is only in spring the forest blooms colossally. Only in spring of mind the forest of misery blooms. Therefore understand the seven stages of knowledge and by and by ascend from one after another.”

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  1. excellent piece. exactly what i needed to read at this moment in my life 🙂

    i wish you had permalinks to your articles, i so wish to add this to my fav posts on my website 🙁

    thanks for that praveen :), i will be revisiting this post quite a few many times in the near future 🙂

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