I want 100 shares of Mulayam Singh Yadav

Assets worth 15 crore were found in the name of Mayavati and her relatives! Most of us dont comprehend the value in such simple terms and need a bit of explaining, as to how much value that 15 crores have.

Say if I deposit 15,00,00,000.00 Rs. in any nationalised bank in India today, I get an interest rate of average 6.00% in the long run. So per annum I get 90,00,000.00 Rs. Yes and thats just interest, the capital remains untouched. 90,00,000.00 Rs translates as 7,50,000 per month or 24,657.50 daily. I wonder how I would be able to spend Rs.24,657.50 daily.

I think the stock exchange should also start listing politicians from our country. people should be allowed to buy shares of political leaders. The upcoming political leaders can take advantage of “going public” and raise money for their election needs. Once they are in power, they can obviously start accumulating and pay some dividends out of the interest they earn from the assets amassed.

I now want to buy 100 shares of Mulayam singh yadav.

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  1. Well…well… well….Now how did i reach here ??!! No clues. What Ive a clue bout is tht its mighty intersting blog….mebbe ill trace the links back and thank the person who directed me here!!!;)I liked the “samasya pooranam” one as well as ur pottakulathil heading!!keep up the gud work..adios for now..

  2. Hey..
    what’s that title of ur’s mean?
    which is that language?

    and BTW Good entry..i went thru some google hits to get this guy:)

    Ur blog has got him tothe global crowd:)

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