Interesting new game

BSP leader Kanshi Ram creates ruckus at Lucknow station. How long India has to be in the hands of such politicians. Isnt it high time these people are booted out and replaced by some sensible ones. Or is it that our public deserve such people only. After all they are supposed to be representatives of people.

In another news, a new game has begun in the famed Uttar Pradesh. Its only open for politicians, so no normal people allowed. Currently its played between Bahujan Samaj Party and Samajwadi party. The rules of the games are simple. I file cases against your party’s people, you file cases against mine and on and on. I conduct a rally for any reason, and you conduct another one and on and on and in between some people die in the rally. Points are scored on the basis of more number of cases, the number of rallies, number of people dying and more stress you cause to administrative system. For politicians, its a free game, played using tax payers money, some innocent peoples lives and added burden to the law enforcement authorities (then again, law enforcement is mainly for protecting these games)

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