World war III in making?

North Korea has started making headlines in the Eastern part of the world. The last thing we need now is a disturbance in that region, which could potentially lead to WWIII. The thought did occur to me, that if I was a North Korean leader, with the only ambition to take over South Korea, I would strike now. Particularly as the US forces and the world are concentrating on the Middle East. What a scary thought!

In other news, Turkey might send its troops into Northern Iraq apparently to prevent the influx of refugees. The main underlying aim of Turkey is not to get rid of Saddam, but to prevent a separate country of Kurds being born in the north of Iraq. An independant country of Kurds, might cause the huge population of Turkish Kurds rising for separatism. Definitely, some diplomatic len-den* has gone in before Turkey allowed US to use its airspace.

*len-den : Horse trading

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