Winter is making a comeback to UK. The trees are shedding their leaves, and the birds are making a vanishing act. Its getting dark by around 4 pm in the evening. Yes, Winter is not that welcome! In an Ideal situation, I would’ve shifted our office to Australia during this time., where its Summertime!

The understanding of the tilt of earth in its axis, and it affecting the winter and summer seasons enhances when one goes through the seasonal change in its full splendor. I read somewhere that in Alaska, there are places, where there wont be any sunshine for long durations during winter. The following picture graphically explains the reason why seasons appear on earth.

Click to see this graphically

Earth is tilted in its axis. Due to this tilt and the revolution of the earth around Sun., the seasons happen. As the earth goes around sun, Either the Northern Hemisphere of the earth or the Southern Hemisphere of the earth is more closer to sun than the other part, causing winter/summer in the respective areas of earth. The If you can see this image in your mind clearly you have understood the reason for cause of seasons. Welcome, you have joined the league of people who wonder at nature.

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