Journey back home!

As typical of me, I goofed up again.. went to santacruz airport for a flight leaving from Sahar!! Thanks to the famous “mumbai Rickshawallah” reached Sahar within 15 minutes! Ramesh was waiting. We were sailing on the memories of our days together, when I had to leave for the flight.

With an outlook magazine to put me to sleep, I had my brunch, and slept only to wake up to see the landing at a wonderful airport!! No wonder Kerala is “God’s own land”. Greenery was around the airport, and the airport itself was nice. I came to know that this airport is the only airport in the world to be run by a co-operative society!! (Can someone Verify!!)

Out of the airport, there was appa and Vijayan chettan. Appa and Vijayan chettan are like Duryodhana and Karna… Even when they wrote letters to each other they used to call each other this name.. (sorry, those who dont know mahabharat, the great epic of India, wont know who Duryodhana and Karna were!! I will write a synopsis of The Mahabharat soon on the journal!). Soon I was with amma and paati also. I was back to my childhood home!! I removed the shoes and walked on the compound barefoot!! the feel of the earth was too compelling!!

Amma had made me some chakkavaraval!!(raw Jackfruit chips) for me.. yay!! munching the same and sipping coffee we sat on the swing in front of the house gossipping. It didnt take me much time to realise, that how little one requires to lead a content life!. I still have a lot to learn from you, amma!! :’-)

Seems like this is one of the wonderful trips in my life.

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