A perfect Sambar

Saturday.. had some work.(yay! another half day in lieu.. I can spend that in India). After work, went to Sunita’s house directly and saw another Malayalam movie..”Pranayavarnangal”.. Beleive it or not, Malayalam movies are really good., compared to the bollywood & Mollywood masala ones!

Evening and the cook in me woke up suddenly. Rashmi didnt want to cook!., and comes the services of the great chef.. Praveen!!! I wanted to make Sambar for a long time and that too by making sambar masala myself. I just did that! I loved the sambar which I made and I knew Rashmi, Zubin and Raj too liked it, since after dinner, the Sambar was empty!! Why dont I write the recepie in the journal.. here it is..

Step 1. Cut potatoes and Onions and boil it in Tamarind Water

Step 2. Roast full dhaniya(not powder), 1/2 teaspoon methi(read very little) and Red chillies(dried ones)., take shredded coconut and grind them together..(Sambar masala ready!!)

Step 3. Boil Tuvar Dal well, and then mash it.

Step 4. Once potatoes and Onions are cooked well in the tamarind water, add the ground masala to it.. and boil further.. when everythings ready, add mashed tuvar dal to it.. add salt to taste.. and your sambar ready!!

Yumm!!! (Future praveen will read this and try to make sambar again!!)

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