Today is Shivaratri, an important day in Hindu Calender. Its interesting to note that, there has never been a religion called Hinduism, no code to specify that you are a Hindu or no paritcular God that you should worship.

Shiva one of the god in the trinity concept of Hinduism. Images of Shiva seems to have been found from the Excavations at Mohenjedaro and Harappa. But the symbolism, by which Shiva is worshipped, hardly reveals the metaphysical significance that the image represents.

Shiva as per mythological stories, has his abode as Mount Kailas,(in present day China), where he resides with his consort, Shakti(Parvati). Shiva is pure consciousness and Shakti is energy. As per the myth, Shakti emerges from shiva and merges back into him. Shiva is pure awareness, beyond knowledge, known and knower. This is a real hard concept to understand. In simple terms, for the world to exist, there has to be something to be experienced, and there has to be an experiencer and then there is the experience. Sorry if I am sounding a bit hard here. But this is the easiest it can get. Shiva lies beyond all these.. He is none of these., but without him nothing can be also.

This symbolism will be best understood by a particle physicist in the current world, as he can see the dance of creation going around him., since he can understand him too.

Coming back to India, where today Shivaratri is celeberated by people, Its indeed a sad picture to see today that we are losing a heritage., a heritage of intellectuls, thinkers, mystics, philosophers, scientists(yes.. scientists.. dont forget India brought about the concept of 0(zero))., and alas we are turning into a land of blind followers, beleivers, and “religious” people.

No regrets., May the dance of Shiva continue…

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