The Masala Dosa!!

Had another go at creating Masala Dosa. and YES!!! I succeeded. I made a really good Masala Dosa. Well, there was no one to judge, but me, still I am sure it came out really nice.

Had some thoughts about my paati(mom’s mom), who is now no more. I was hearing to some old tamil classical movie songs from the net, when her thoughts sprang up. She used to sing some of them and she used to sing really nicely too. Hmm.. life goes on.. dosent it.

Today worked on my website, I will stop working on it from tomorrow, when I will have my final update, has to concentrate on Java Certification and studies.. got to plan for April visit to India as well. Two more months to go.. has got many plans during this visit.. My life is going to change and that too pretty fast.


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