Creative Visualisation

I have decided to write again. I have been thinking about getting back to writing, and then I found out that creative visualisation is the way to go. For the sceptics, there is a comment link in the bottom, where they can rant about how no such thing exists etc. But from experience I can see that it has worked.

For example, just after my 12th standard myself and my brother became economic immigrants, so that the GDP target of our household will be met, irrespective of the rising inflation and global warming. So we found ourselves in amchi mumbai, where we found jobs. Actually I discovered methods of getting paid with least amount of effort, and my brother discovered a method of getting least amount of pay with maximum amount of work (trust me, there is no free-will, its all destiny, and things do happen like that).

Its during one of happening time of our lives that I found out about creative visualisation. It said, you just need to have intention, and the universe will make it happen for you. It around that time that our parents also decided to move to amchi mumbai, where we had this nice one room house, which served as a kitchen, hall and bedroom, rolled into one (yes, we had separate bathroom, you curious types). The main advantage was that it was a house, with land around it, in which weeds had grown with abandon, housing several reptilian species .

This is where I decided to experiment with my creative visualisation. I had a wonderful intention to clear the garden of the weed and grow some nice plants in the frontage and a nice vegetable garden in the backyard. The way creative visualisation works, you need to relax yourself, think what you want the universe to manifest, think how it would look when its already manifested and then leave it to the universe to work on. If you snore during this process, try to re-do the same thing again. This intention I had sent to the universe and made sure I didnt interfere with the universe making it reality, and hence spent my free time in yoga-nidra.

Its around the same time that my father also had the idea that the garden needs to be cleared of weeds and as an ideal father he told his two sons. My brother immediately started gathering tools, while I was looking at my father with peaceful serenity. I wanted to explain him the intricacies of mysterious universal laws, which governs the whole cosmos, but decided against it as he was not in a very receptive mood.

Needless to say, my subsequent days were spent very little at home, where there was scant respect for universal laws, which was obviously working in the background, doing all that needs to be done. I heard from my mother occasionally that the whole family, except me, was clearing the weeds, while I was doing a disappearing act. In truth, I was attending to some “urgent work”, which mysteriously manifested itself. Within a week or two, the land around the house was transformed from a weedy jungle to a lush garden (with some pots and shrubs) and a vegetable garden soon sprung up behind the house.

While all my uncles say that it was the herculean effort by my brother and my parents that transformed the house as it became (which they were impressed with), I was absolutely sure that the creative visualisation was the force that created all this change, the universal laws never fails. But as Vasishta’s staff absorbed all the weapons thrown at him by Vishwamithra, I had to absorb all the accusations of being lazy and useless with a calm attitude that I had been bestowed with.

As I was convinced of the powers of visualisation, I thought that I can make it work in writing also. My blog had become a sort of pre-historic site, where I used to write just once in a while only, that too when I got bored. Thats when I thought that I should start creative visualisation. And once again this has worked. As my ghost writer types away, I just have to lie there thinking of different ways to bring this knowledge to layman. The power which can transform their lives – Creative Visualisation.

Number 3

Never underestimate the power of numbers. Particularly number 3. While reading through the newspapers online, out of all the typical ones, this report was the best report I had found written about late Pramod Mahajan, by some Johnny D of Hindustan Times. He writes,

He started as the sub-editor of Tarun Bharat in 1970-71 and became a schoolteacher from 1971-74 (three years again) before finally making his decision to work as a full time pracharak for Jana Sangh, Janata Party and finally Bharatiya Janata Party ( Three changes, the original party saw in his life time) since 1974. Now if one adds 1974, we get 1+9+7+4=21=2+1=3.

Wow! I would like to draw attention to one great fact here. 1+9+7+4 = 21 = 2+1 = 3. Can you believe it. As if that is not enough, the writer provides us with much greater insight, further down the article.

It is indeed shocking and surprising that today i.e. on May 3, 2006, the leader succumbed to three bullets on his 57th year (he’s completed 56 years and running his 57th year), which when adds (5+7=12=1+2=3) ends up in three!

What a penetrating insight into the power of numbers! And kudos to Hindustan Times for publishing such journalistic gems. I am sure with such exemplary standards of reporting (assuming the readers intelligence to be around a number between -1 and +1), papers might provide the readers with such an enlightening insight into the working of numbers. Please dont miss reading the report in its entirety.

Btw, did you know numerologically assessing the writer, Johnny D = 10+15+8+14+14+25+4 = 90 = 9+0 = 9 = 3 + 3+ 3! (three threes in that) !! WOW!!!

Mahatma Gandhi’s final word.

I read my morning newspaper in the toilet, be it paper newspaper or internet newspaper. It was on one of those fine relaxed mornings that the websites screamed – Gandhiji didnt say “hey ram” when he was shot! What a news, I was stupefied… how could they say that?

The the great grandson of Gandhi had clarified, that he indeed did say “hey ram” when he was shot! Then some other guy checked FIR and said that Gandhiji didnt say that! Totally confused by all this, I had to call my historical sources to confirm what Gandhiji actually said and that was indeed quite a revelation. And as per sources the following had happened on that day.

Around 5.00 pm, Gandhiji had a cup of tea, and was planning for the evening prayer. Nathuram Godse was waiting for his time in the crowd, and from the appearance it seemed like he was calm. Around 5.10-5.15 pm, Gandhiji walked to the prayer ceremony and Nathuram godse came forward on his way. He touched Gandhijis feet at exact 5.15 pm.

From there my sources tell me an authentic story. It seems that after touching gandhiji’s feet Godse’s and Gandhiji’s eyes met, time froze and they had a conversation. No, I wont go into the transcript of the conversation, but most of Godse’s speech was in hindi mixed with marathi.

Apparently he told during that time, what a mistake Gandhiji had done by allowing partition, rather than helping the people, he had punished them, by allowing the division of a nation. Godse thanked him for that and said something like “with great power comes great responsibilities”, and took out his revolver.

But Gandhiji argued back about the greatness of non-violence and peaceful protest. He argued his case also strongly and a great debate ensued. Just like the tapasya of Maharshi Vishwamitra forced the gods to appear, this debate forced the appearance of all the devas of the heaven. To resolve the debate and to continue the cycle of karma they decided to show the future to them.

Suddenly the future vision came in front of them, a future where Gandhiji would be just a photo on the wall in all government offices, a great person whom all can claim rights for, but no one follows, where what he stood for made no impact, where they might even argue about what his final words were. Gandhiji just realizing the future was shocked! His principles will die with him, what he had thought as a golden age would be just a dream.

Even Godse realized his dream will be just a dream, there would be no hindu rashtra, no one would be treated equally be it a hindu or a muslim and any dream of realizing the a ram rajya would remain that – a dream. No one will even try to understand his position clearly. He will be potrayed as a murderer!

Gandhiji wend deep into shock trying to understand the future and assimilate it and just then, exactly at 5.17pm Godse’s finger pressed the trigger. As the bullets pierced Gandhiji’s chest, still in shock with the vision of the future, Gandhiji uttered his final words – Aila!