So dear I love her that..

So dear I love her that with her all deaths
I could endure, without her live no life.

Me and Radhu ;-)

It was a dark warm night, stars smiled in the sky. I was anxious. The wait was about to get over. Waiting for a couple of minutes now seemed like ages. Eyes started to search her. I felt a lump in my throat. My heart paced fast. Finally she came. My life changed.. forever!
it’s official, we’re getting married! (asap ;-))

Reminiscence of a journey!!

Air India flight to Mumbai..(entering the flight)

Namaste.. Namaste..
(Aaergh!! Why AI airhostess has to be out of shape and cold?!! Gulf Air Hostess was much better!)

The flight about to land at Mumbai. Everyone is given immigration card..

Person: excuse me.
Air-Hostess: Yes?!
Person: Can I have a pen please to fill this out?
Air-Hostess: (visibly not happy at the request, takes a pen out of her blouse!!) here it is!
(aaergh!! god!! disgusting!!!)


Chatrapati shivaji antarrashtriya hawai adda..(read Sahar International Airport)

Air India, London Flight has landed.. Immigration clearance over.. a person has picked up his luggages and is passing through green channel.. The luggage is put through the xerox machine(read x-ray machine)., and a laptop is seen through the machine.. The following happened..

Officer: (aggressively)Whats in the bag??!!
Person : My laptop
Officer: Show your passport, where are you coming from?
Person : Here’s passport, I’m coming from London!
Officer: When did you buy it..
Person : Its my office laptop (ok.. I am lying), I will be taking it back with me
Officer: Then I might have to enter it in the passport.
Person : No problem., I have to take it back (I dont want to, really.. Its for my brother. boo hoo)

Suddenly a havildar rushes in..

Havildar: saab, aapne jisko choda, usko aage madam ne pakda hai!!
Officer: Kya..!!(looks worried)
Havildar: Haan saab.. jaldi chalo!!
Officer: Chalo..(worry is explicit on his face!!)

He suddenly thrusts the passport back to the persons hand and rushes out! The releived person picks his bag and gets out!! Phew.. Another interesting travel!!!

and I came down!!

Somewhere in universe (Year:1974)

God: Its time.. You have to go..
me: Noooo.. not again!!
God: Yes.. Dont you want to graduate?!
me: No! Its horrible in the school down there.
God: But you have to complete the school!!
me: Please!! (trying to convince., though knowing that this wont work)
God: (smiling) Dont worry, she’s coming too!!
me: is she(me’s really excited!!)
God: Yes., I will send her (your angel) after you.
me: Gee.. thanks.., but how will I find my angel in the crowd?!
God: Dont worry! You’ll find her.
me: God promise?
God: Haan.. baba.. God promise
me: I’m going down now.. send her too.
God: Oki doki.. I’m sending her go!!

Zap!!! flash!!!

ps:two more days to go!!


Can you see the 3d image in the stereogram below??

Try clicking the image and look at the original picture to see clearly!! (note: I saw it the first time!! and when I tried again.. I missed it and am unable to see the image again!!!)

Dont blame me if you get crosseyed!!!

London Eye.

Today we had been to the London eye. Its a must see Engineering Marvel. It is still a breathtaking sight, just to stand below that huge structure and look at it with wonder. Today we became part of that wonder!!

We got the tickets for 6.30pm, and the weather was already playing traunt with us. We had a long walk from Big Ben to London eye to Book the tickets and then a brunch at Click for more images of London eye!!McDonalds, and we had around two hours to spend.. The walk againt took us back to big ben and a long walk in front on Buckingham palace, with a short stop at a “Contemperory Art Gallery!!” If whatever we saw there was contemperory Art, I would rather be in a cave as a cave man, drawing pictures of animals!! Soon we reached Trafalgar square in between pigeons and the fountain. One of us was complaining of some narrow roads in London. He seems to have forgotten that London was a “Historical City” than a Modern City!

Six ‘O clock saw us in the queue to get into the London eye. The trip was worth it. We got into the hanging Glass oval shaped cubicles and the the wheel was moving. Soon we were going up and all the buildings started growing smaller., now we could see the BT tower, the highest in London and the thames river winding down the city. To my horror I realized that I was still afraid of Heights. I had faced it once, by doing a bungee jump, but the I could feel the fear lurking in my mind now. I leaned over to the edge, and looked down.. I imagined myself falling down and hitting the river like a tomato thrown to a Concrete slab with full force. At that moment I realised the importance of trust. I composed myself taking deep breaths and I just looked. I simply trusted the nature, and I felt the fear melting away.

By the time we got down from the London eye, the lights were on on the Parliament and the Big ben and soon we started back home.

Another Bowling Session..

After a Hectic day of shifting of house, tonight we went for Bowling and pool.. There were five of us and since it was Good Friday, the Superbowl was empty.. btw.. If Jesus of Nazareth was Crucified on this friday of the year, why do christians celeberate it as “Good Friday”.

Anyway, coming back to Bowling, I have been consistent in scoring in the bowling., but this time it was a bit different. I knew I had won, before the last two frames, but I had shift in thinking. Now a days, I catch myself thinking. In short, I see how and what I think and am curious of what I keep on thinking. Even during bowling, I found myslef thinking of something and I “knew” that I was “thinking”!!! This sudden shift had me thinking!

Well its pretty hard to explain.. But one thing is becoming more and more clear to me. “Ignorace is Bliss!”