Another swimming session

Sushil’s here for SAP Training., and the bonus’s that I’ve got a Car. We went for a swim. I tried butterfly stroke today and was partially successfull in that. I have a lot of work to do on my swimming. Has a long way to go before I get fit. The only thing I have noticed so far is that the more effort I put in to reduce my weight, the more the weight shows. Last friday’s “weigh-in” at office showed the scale at 82 kilos.. Hmm I have to drop a lot of kilos. The exhaustion I had from Swimming, was compensated by “Hot Vegetarian Supreme Pizza” and a big chunk of “Garlic Bread”.. Seems like the only way I can drop weight is by keeping wallet at home and using light weight clothes…

God., Poor god!!!

Recently I was going through some of the journals and blogs.. and found that the popularity of the god has further diminished after the “Earthquake” episode. Poor God!!, he needs a spin doctor, that too pretty soon.

I found myself smiling, whenever I went through the peoples blog, blaming God, and turning “non-believers”(as if they were beleivers in the first place). I felt empathy for “God”. Had he been a corporate boss, looking after the institution of “The Earth”, most angels would’ve lost job, and some suspended pending inquiry.. what a predicament!!

On one side, we have got Hindu fundamentalists, who want to create “Ram-Rajya”(sorry boss.., I would prefer “Krishna-rajya”), and who have given a ugly look to a wonderful religion(When did Hinduism became a religion?!! in the first place)., and on another side, we have got the “Jehad” group, who wants everything done as per their interpretation of Holy Quran, and on yet another side are the active missionaries, who spread “The Word of God”. They took literally what Jesus said “I am the way and no one goes to god, but by me”, and started prozelyting a poor jews philosophy(Jesus was a jew, by the way, wasnt he?!). Poor Jesus, had he been alive, this would’ve been much more painful than the cross!!

But after all this, the fundamental question remains.. What about god! Good question. People expect god to be a person sitting in some antiseptic corner of the world, and deciding peoples fate and natural accidents. Hmm. what an expectation..

I will rather keep this journal entry open ended!!

O’ Dear one.. Learn the language of eyes..

Free translation of a hindi song, sung by Shubha Mudgal.
(sorry, cant replicate the magic in english.)

O’ Dear one,
Learn the language of eyes,
Learn what these silences are telling you,
Learn, I am not going to open my mouth,
Learn the language of heart.

O’ Dear one,
Learn to listen,
The rustle of the wind,
What do they say to you,
Learn to read, what my lay hair,
writes on my forehead, swinging.,
Learn the language of silence,
it has got a tale to tell you,
Learn O’ Dear one.

Time,is like still water,
dont disturb this,
lest the depths will get stirred,
Listen what the shadows say,
in the town of shallow breaths,
What do I have to tell you further,
My eyes have told you everything.

O’ Dear one,
Learn the language of eyes,
Learn what these silences are telling you,
Learn, I am not going to open my mouth,
Learn the language of heart.

Zoomin is back!!

Beginning to realize that the livejournal is getting crowded. Being a bit of “Crowdophobiac”, I think, I should think twice before “blogging” anything. I will have to work on making the some of the old entries private too.. mm.. a bit confused now.

Today Zoomin (Zubin) & co are back. Came back from office a bit early, started cooking food for them, since they will be coming back tired after a long flight. Made Daal, went to airport to receive them.. pretty tired they were after a long flight. But nice the meet them again. Drove back home..(realizing how car has become an important part of life now!!).

While they were settling down, got back to cooking again, made dry potato sabzi and then made pulao rice.. Yummy.. and they did enjoy the dinner.. Zubin and Girish were telling their goof-ups and bloopers back home. Girish turning to say thanks to the BEST bus driver and Zubin saying thanks to the bank wathcman… just to name a few to begin. Well they were really tired and left them to sleep at around quarter to ten..

Another day gone by(e)..