Had a chat with Pradeep.. No one else logged in.. are all at loggerheads?? He is trying his best to help everyone.. I just wish that all get well. Now I think I have to mail Pradeep regarding Prasad. I cannot hide anything from Prasanth, Praveen and Pradeep. I was thinking of an holiday to US, after Pradeep has gone there. After the chat, had a good lunch..(Dhansak by Rashmi with Jeera Rice along with fried lijjat Pappodom).

Went home after that (loads of clothes to wash), washed., and again went for a session with Java book.. I think I will learn Java 1.2 fully by the time Sun Releases Java 8.2. It was getting dark by around 4.30 itself and my clothes were still wet. had to hang them in my room.. (I hate living with damp clothes hanging around me., but has no other options). Finally back to Zubins house., to update journal. I think that will be the end of first weekend after I have started journaling..

(I know that future praveen will be reading this.. and laugh at all these rubbish routine)

Family matters

Yesterday night I called up home, Paati is still bed-ridden and doctors are wondering how she is still pulling on. Appa & Amma are both now at perumbavoor and are looking after paati. Balu Periyappa and periyamma have also gone to perumbavoor from calcutta. Poor paati.. she always wanted to die without much hullaboo. Spoke to all who were present there. Today is thathas thevasam. Periyappa was getting ready for it. As per balu periyappa, Mani will be coming to Bombay, as he has got some interviews there. I am sure he will get a good break. Between all these news, the main news was that Latha manni is pregnant. That really is a good news.. afterall it had been a worrying wait for a long time. I have asked kumar anna also to do something., and become a father soon.. he said he will follow the suit of Suresh anna. Amma was in her usual self. Appa was talking regarding buying of an Ambassdor car., but the telephone got disconnected. When I called up again he had gone to vijayans tea-shop. was unable to ask for details.

Paati is still in hospital and thats worrying.. She has been a major factor during my moulding days.

Called up Prasanth after that. and chit chatted for a while.. Then called up Praveen’s house only to find that he will be back next week only. Pratibha was on the phone and she had returned from Hyderabad after her collage tour.. She’s preparing for her collage singing competition..

That was it.. then I went to sleep.. This was around 2 am today..

Why we miss all these

Just had a chat with Prasad.. he just dropped in from one of his friends Cybercafe. He is in a bad situation.. I can feel for him.. But as the saying goes ” Some times in Life.. you have to stand back.. and Watch”. You dont do anything.. just look.. I think now my time is for that.

Some of our colleagues are going to Mt.Kilmanjaro during next summer for a weeks trekking. I would have loved to.. but there are other commitments. How foolish we were, when we were in India and we had a lot of places to go and we just wasted our time in job, career and other silly things.. When one looks back.. one miss those things. When your life becomes a routine… you need a break..

Prasad said that Prem will be online today evening.. well that will be in another hours time.. I will wait for him..

I havent written to Praveen for a while.. I think I will do that now.

How it all began

In the beginning.. there wasnt a beginning. Whatever there was, was Consciousness.. Consciousness became Conscious.. and there was energy.. The creation began..

Humans invented Chronology.. and as per the most prevalent chronology.. I came into being on 13th of December 1974. It as a new moon day and a friday.. I dont remember it.. thats what I’ve been told. I had no other option but to believe it..

So here’s what has happened in a nutshell.. (I love telling stories)

Part I

I was born in kerala, and then grew up there, did my schooling there, and did my pre-degree also there after which I moved to Bombay (It was not Mumbai then)..

Part II

In Bombay, I learnt a lot, started working for a painter(was a relative), soon got a job as a lab assistant, from where I moved to become a Medical Representative.. This was the critical time of my life., I fell(or rather risen) in Love with a girl.. (never to fall out) and still am in bonds.. (though the girl has “fallen” out of love)..


From Childhood memories, only some memories linger, Our old house at Tripunithura, where we grew up, and I am hardly in touch with any of the school chums.. (I wonder if I will recoginze any of them now).

Part III

Love is a funny thing., It makes impossible things possible.. I became a graduate, Worked for a Bank, became a Software Pro.. and now when I look back.. Well.. It has been an eventful journey so far..

Part IV

Now I am In London., just amazed at what life has in hold for me in the next moment.. Welcome to my life.. If any of these musings helps you or inspire you.. do drop in a line..

.. This has been the story so far., in a nutshell..

My musings will continue.. My learnings has to grow.. A long way to go I think…