Mauli mama

I have heard several stories about mauli mama. During his youth he was involved in several adventures, was a constant companion to my grandfather during his Sabarimalai trips and maybe he was related to us in some way. When I was growing up I saw him drunk most of the time, but the awe and the character I had built around him didnt fade away. I had heard that he was into ganja and other stuff then. He was alone, staying with his mother.

He would disappear for months on end, only to be back again for a brief period of time. with the red eyes, an indicator of the alcohol in his veins and passing age showing. He took bath in a adventurous way, in their house well. He used to tie his legs to the rope that was used to draw water from the well, and jump into the well. After his bath, he would come up with the help of the rope.

One day the rope got stuck when he made the leap. He got smashed into the walls of the well headlong. Mauli mama’s mother still lives in that house alone now. Mauli mama no longer lives there.

3 thoughts on “Mauli mama”

  1. Is mauli mama still alive ?
    Or is he dead from the wall crash ?
    From the tense of your story it looks like mauli mama is alive and survived the crash.

    And why suddenly did he pop up in your head?

  2. what did you mean by ganja? Is it Mariyuana aka Weed as it means in my language? If it’s mariyuana, let’s pray that he won’t use any kind of hard drugs then. I think the ganja in your country is heavier than in my country :/ but still can recover and clean, i’ve ever used it though but stopped

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