Protests by India

Interesting to find that our government is furious over the release of Masood Azhar. This was one of the militants released by Indian government after the Indian Airlines Hijacking episode. I believe that the Indian Government lacked(still lacks) the guts to tackle the hijacking issue. Now the released militants, will cost more indian lives than that on the hijacked plane. Except issuing a strong protest, no action is being taken to protect the people of the country.

What could have happened when the flight was hijacked.

  • When the Hijacked plane was in India, Commandos could have stormed it. A few lives would be at risk, but a strong message would have gone out to the militants.
  • When the ransom-militants were released, they could have been exposed to some sort of slow-poison (radiation?), ensuring they lived for a max of 2 more years. (is someone talking about human rights here? Human rights of 160 people are more important than a few.)
  • Embed some tracking systems on the militants freed, and a couple of RAF jets could have flown with them. After freeing the hijacked plane, the RAF could have just eliminated the convoy of militants. (Afghanistan ruled by Taliban was only recognised by 3 countries during that time)

There could have been more solutions, but I wonder if thinktank in New Delhi was(is) dry.