ET – The Extra Terrestrial

ET – The Movie, is on a re-run in UK after twenty long years. I have heard about this movie for the first time from my wife. She was totally surprised that I didn’t know about the Movie ET! Well, I didn’t. Similarly, I have only heard about the classics like Casablanca, Fiddler on the Roof and even not-so-old movies like Pulp-Fiction. I never have been able to see the so-called Classic-Movies made in Hollywood.

When I was a schoolboy, my friends and myself used to pool 1 rupee each, and then go to a video parlour where we paid to watch “Tom and Jerry”. The earliest memory of watching a movie in theatre goes back to my primary school. I remember that our teacher took us all to watch the Malayalam children’s movie – Kummatti. Apart from a few glimpses, I don’t remember anything about that movie. But I remember that all of us – children – were very excited to go for it.

It was years later, that I saw a “Children’s” Movie, which was made in Hollywood. It was “The Kid” one of Charlie Chaplin Classics. Kumar Anna, my cousin, who was elder to me and was in college, took me for that movie. Still I had long years to go, before I got Interested in English Movies. It was not until I moved to Cosmopolitan City of Mumbai, that I got more acquainted with the English movies.

I haven’t yet had the opportunity to watch those so called “English-Classics”. Maybe my dosage of Malayalam and Hindi movies might be one of the reasons for my non-obsession with Hollywood productions. Anyway, as I sat watching the movie ET.., I realised, either I have grown up, or the movie was not that “classic” as it was made out to be.

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