During Easter, UK has a 4 day holiday. It begins with Good Friday holiday, followed by Saturday and Sunday, and the Easter-holiday falling on Sunday is given on Monday. We had 4 full days in our hand and we planned a holiday to Amsterdam.

Going by the title of our guide book, Europe on a shoestring by lonely planet, we took the easiest and the economical option to reach Amsterdam. We went by bus. It was told that it would be a 12 hour journey, including a ferry trip, which will take us and our bus accross the English channel. Our journey was to commence on Thursday evening, and we will reach Amsterdam on 29th late morning.

The accomodation we were trying, were mainly hostel type, but most of them were booked already, and since Easter was long weekend, we didnt get any booking at any hotels within Amsterdam city. The alternative was to look for accomodation just outside the city, and we got the booking near Schipol Airport, the Airport of Amsterdam.

The next important thing to get next, after the tickets and hotel reservations was the schengen visa. It will indeed suffice to say that we got the visa in time for the journey. Just because you stay in london, shouldnt have made us believe that there wont be any queue in the Embassy for the Visa. We got our Visa during our third visit to the Embassy office.

The thursday trip was getting closer, and thurday apparently I got even more busier than usual in the office. Finally in the evening, all packing done, we set off to Victoria Coach Station in Central London, to catch our Coach to Amsterdam.

To be continued…

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